Your Free Waste Reduction Audit

Reduce Your Business Waste

We can help you consolidate your commercial waste collections to save time, money and landfill. We’ll also make sure your business is up to date with waste regulations and help your team to embed best waste practices.

Commitment to Reducing Landfill

We can help you consolidate your waste services to reduce landfill without impacting your bottom line. That means fewer trucks on the road and increasing recycling to reduce landfill.

Contact us to ask for your Free CWS Waste Reduction Audit and then we’ll be in touch:

01726 218755

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How does our Audit work?

We adapt audits as needed but here’s how they usually work:

  1. Assessment: We’ll organise a time to visit your business to understand its size, structure and waste streams. We’ll ask how your services, processes, environment, equipment and suppliers impact your waste output.
  2. Research: We’ll do some research and review our assessments to highlight opportunities to reduce landfill, improve recycling and consolidate services.
  3. Recommendations: We’ll report back with suggestions and next steps to reduce your business waste. If possible we’ll suggest a waste model for you to review.
  4. Consolidation and waste reduction: If you decide our waste services are right for your business, we will assist your team with any onboarding processes.
  5. Ongoing reporting: Once our waste services are in place we’ll provide monthly reports to help you record and improve your environmental performance.