Your Free Waste Reduction Audit

Reduce Your Business Waste

We can help you consolidate your commercial waste collections to save time, money and landfill. We’ll also make sure your business is up to date with waste regulations and help your team to embed best waste practices. 

What is a waste reduction audit work?

We tailor waste reduction audits to suit every business, but we usually complete five simple steps:

Step 1: Visit your business to understand its size, structure and waste streams.

Step 2: Research opportunities to reduce landfill, improve recycling and consolidate your waste services.

Step 2: Report back with a suggested waste model or an action plan to reduce your business waste.

Step 4: Set up sustainable waste collections, if you decide our waste services are right for your business.

Step 5: Report monthly to measure your waste reduction progress, once CWS waste services are in place.

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Cornwall Waste Solutions (CWS) recycle and recover commercial waste

“We contacted CWS who were brilliant. They visited our site, advised on a collection strategy and got things sorted very quickly. We’re saving money, sending less to landfill and recycling more. I’d thoroughly recommend their services.”

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