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Advice for waste skips and Roll On Roll Off

Are you trying to decide if your business needs an industrial skip or a larger Roll On Roll Off (Ro-Ro) container? It can be tricky to decide without an expert on hand to help.

We can help you to order the right container so you save you costs, space and ensure you are being environmentally friendly.

How to choose between a skip or larger container

Depending on the volume of your waste, you might choose a skip that can be manually handled, or opt for a Ro-Ro container that will need to be unloaded by a larger machine.

Scroll down for more information about how to choose between skips and larger containers – your needs will depend on the access to your site, your waste types and volume.

What waste can go in a skip?

Industrial skips are ideal for larger quantities of bulky waste such as industrial wood, construction materials and demolition waste. We offer lockable and enclosed skips to ensure your waste is managed safely and securely. Read our recent blog post about what can and can’t go in a general waste skip.

Commercial waste skip sizes:

  1. 5/6 tonnes: this skip is 6 yd3/4.6 m3 1,870mm 1,250mm 2,670mm (best for inert heavy material)
  2. 3/4 tonnes: this skip is 14 yd3/10.6 m3 open 1,880mm 1,830mm 4,200mm
  3. 3/4 tonnes: 14 yd3/10.6 m3 enclosed 1,880mm 2,260mm 4,320mm
Cornwall Waste Solutions skips for commercial waste - Advice for waste skips and Roll On Roll Off

This diagram shows the difference between skip sizes for commercial waste.

What waste can go in a Roll On Roll Off?

For large amounts of waste of more than six tonnes, you may opt for the delivery of a Ro-Ro container which will be rolled off a large HGV and into the position you need. Please note we need suitable access to deliver your container where it can be safely stored away from the general public.

Large containers can stay on-site for longer to help you safely store dry mixed recycling, dry non-hazardous waste, and construction and demolition waste. This ensures that you minimise disruption while also saving time, costs and emissions from changing numerous skip containers.

Roll On Roll Off container sizes:

  1. Up to 11 tonnes often used for inerts such as stone and rubble: 20 yd33/ 15.3 m3 2,400mm 1,250mm 6,000mm (low sided)
  2. Up to 4/5 tonnes often used for light but bulky material: 35 yd3/ 26.8 m3 enclosed 2,400mm 2,430mm 6,000mm
Book your Roll On Roll Off container with Cornwall Waste Solutions - Advice for waste skips and Roll On Roll Off

You can book large commercial waste containers through Cornwall Waste Solutions.


How quickly do you need a skip or Roll On Roll Off?

Large and small business can often suddenly have a surge of waste and Cornwall Waste Solutions will always try to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated customer service team will aim to install your waste container in 24 – 48 hours.

We know Coronavirus has changed the way your businesses is working. So if you are unsure about the latest waste guidelines, or want to talk to us about compliance, call us on 01726 218755.