Image of old discarded construction hard hats

Is your business recycling hard hats?

Hard hats used in the construction industry have a limited shelf life. So how can your business dispose of retired hats responsibly?

According to the government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSC), hard hats should be in good condition and if they are damaged they must be thrown away. This is an essential part of health and safety because they lose their ability to protect people at work when damaged.

Putting hard hats into general plastic recycling often means they end up going into landfill, alongside millions of others hats that go into landfill every year. So what can your business do to help?

Ask us how to recycle your construction hard hats

Did you know that once the plastic structure and webbing inside hard hats are removed, the rest of the shell is 100% recyclable? That means the shells can be turned into other plastics and reused.

We can organise for your retired hard hats to be collected and sent to dedicated plastic waste processing facilities. That means your hard hats go on to have a new lease of life, rather than contributing to landfill.

What other types of commercial waste do we collect?

We offer flexible contracts to handle commercial waste such as:


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