Dry Waste

Dry Waste

General Waste

We collect non-recyclable waste from across the South West, from factories to medium and large businesses.

General Waste Collections

We collect non-recyclable waste using containers in various sizes for general and non-recyclable waste streams. We cover manufacturing, production, energy supply or utilities. We divert waste from landfill using Energy from Waste facilities.

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

We handle and sort a wide range of materials at our recycling plant. This means that we reduce your costs and landfill, as well as handling your compliance according to pre-treatment regulations.


Organic Food Waste

We treat organic food waste using an anaerobic digestion process at our network of disposal plants, which is significantly cheaper than sending it to landfill or composting.

dry waste recycling - Dry Waste

Glass Collections

If you produce a large amount of glass waste, we can offer a single stream recycling service. All glass collected is sent for recycling, avoiding your business landfill tax.