Confidential Waste

Confidential Waste

Confidential Waste

Confidentially isn’t just how you treat information. It is how you store it, how you move it and how you dispose of it.

Total destruction of documentation

Shredding is the safest method of managing your confidential waste. We can manage this process from start to finish and give you the peace of mind that your waste has been totally destroyed.

Giving back to the environment

All the shredded paper we destroy is recycled into tissue products.


The complete and secure destruction of sensitive documents is a necessary part of daily business nowadays. Shredding doesn’t just save space, but it also helps your company comply with legal data protection requirements, as well as the environmental benefits that it brings.

Implementing a confidential waste disposal policy and choosing a professional shredding company to deal with your business waste will greatly reduce the chance of a paper-based security breach.

Why is confidential shredding so important?
It Helps Prevent Identity Fraud – Any documents with personal details on them can be used by someone to steal an identity. If you don’t shred your documents before you throw them out, identity thieves can use those details to sign up for things like credit cards or passports under a stolen persona.

Why use Cornwall Waste Solutions?
As an environmentally-responsible company, CWS will securely transport your shredding to an accredited recycling partner. This diverts your waste from landfill and recycles it into tissue products, helping to boost your environmental credentials.

What can be confidentially destroyed?
Paper – paper files – books – photos – magazines – cheque book stubs – hard drives – memory sticks – laptops – DVD’s – floppy discs – video surveillance tapes.

How do I store my confidential waste at the office?
Once you have established how much you need shredded, CWS can provide you with an appropriate quantity of lockable confidential waste bins to store your sensitive data prior to collection. This step ensures your data is safe from start to finish.

How safe is my data when it leaves my office?
CWS entire workforce are security vetted and wear security passes, and there are many other safety measures in place to protect the data of their clients.

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